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We use the highest quality commercial grade fabrics for your yurt wall and roof. All of our fabrics are weather tested and will withstand years of outdoor use.


A Duro-Last roof is standard on every Colorado Yurt. This commercial roofing fabric will give you more durability and longer life for your yurt roof. This material comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty from Duro-Last. (Warranty is 10 years on yurts that will be located outside of the USA.) Duro-Last is available in white, tan or gray.

Weight: 32 ounces per square yard, approx.
Tongue Tear Strength: 130 x 110 lbs.
Flame Retardant: Certification Available


The yurt valance, a band of roof fabric (often in an accent color), welded to the bottom edge of the yurt roof. It is constructed of Duro-Last, same as the roof.


Our standard wall fabric is durable, waterproof, flame resistant, strong, easy to clean and colorful ProTech vinyl laminate. Other companies charge extra for this premium fabric, but we offer it at no additional charge. Sixteen color choices will make it easy to pick a color for your setting. All seams are thermally welded, and ProTech has exceptional mildew and UV resistance.

Weight: 17.5 ounces per square yard
Grab Tensile Strength: 187 x 165 lbs.
Flame Retardant: Certification Available