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Choose the type and number of windows you want for your yurt. Our standard “fabric” window is made up of a screen, a storm window and a fully zippered privacy flap, and comes with insulation panel included.

Standard Windows

Window Dimensions
We offer two choices of window sizes:
• Over-the-counter window is 52″ wide and 34″ high.
• Full-sized window is 48″ wide and 48″ high.

A sewn-in fiberglass screen
The 20 x 20 weave is tight enough to keep out no-see-ums and sand fleas.

A storm window of clear vinyl
20 mil storm windows withstand climate extremes without cracking or turning cloudy. They attach to the screen with two-inch polyester Velcro™ and can be completely detached and stored in warmer months.

A zippered privacy flap
Shuts tight with a hefty zipper on each side, each protected from weather degradation by a weatherproof flap. A nylon rod sewn into a pocket at the bottom of each flap makes it easy to roll up. When rolled up, window flaps are held open with fast release buckles. All window flaps can convert to window awnings.

Window Upgrades

Window Awning
Convert any window flap into an awning. Steel poles with marine hardware allow your window flap to become a fully adjustable awning. You can also convert your window flaps to awnings by providing your own poles and guys ropes.

Roll-Up Wall
An eight-foot wide, floor-to-ceiling section of screen provides the ultimate in ventilation and panoramic views. Exterior fabric cover unzips along the sides and rolls up with a pulley system, with ballast bar at the bottom. On yurts with insulated walls an insulation panel is provided. Clear vinyl window cover included.

Wood Casement Glass Windows
A high-quality glass window that is big enough to meet code requirements for egress. Our fully-operable 2′-3″ x 3′-3″ Douglas Fir Casement Window by Sierra Pacific™ features furniture-quality frame and clear low-E glass. If you already own a Colorado Yurt, this window can be retrofitted into your yurt wall.

Curved Wood Frame Glass Windows
A vinyl clad slider window, set in a curved wood frame to conform to the wall of the yurt. They are horizontal slider windows, aluminum structure with vinyl cladding- 48” wide and 40” tall.