Colorado Yurts

Wind & Snow

We work with structural engineers to develop the strongest yurts in the business. Every Colorado Yurt is an engineered yurt. Contact our office for our engineering data.

Wind & Snow
Different climates demand different engineering requirements. Mountains, desert, forest, prairie, beaches, rainforest… each environment has factors that will determine the design elements of a yurt. Our experienced staff can help you decide which options are best for your situation.

CORR Brackets
(Compression Ring to Rafter Brackets)
The first element in an engineered yurt, CORR Brackets strengthen the connection between the rafters and the compression ring and reduce the potential for rafter-twist. CORR Brackets are an exclusive Colorado Yurt feature, and are included with every single yurt.

Big Wind Package
The addition of a 2″x4″ perimeter stud under each 2″x4″ yurt rafter- with this option yurts are rated to 115 mph and above. Please contact our office for calculations for your site.

Full Snow and Wind Package
We combine our CORR Brackets, 2″x6″ rafters and 2″x4″ perimeter studs for the highest level of load capability.