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Why We’re Better

Generous standard features

  • Every yurt is an engineered yurt: our CORR brackets are included on every yurt.
  • 7′-2″ walls on every yurt, with a residential standard 6′-8″ x 3′ entry door.
  • Durable welded-laminate wall fabric is included on every yurt.
  • Never an extra charge for our extraordinary range of wall fabrics and colors.
  • Three windows on every yurt, with a choice of window sizes.
  • Heavy duty zippered window flap can convert to an awning
  • Extra reinforcement at the bottom yurt wall attachment point
  • A lattice to floor “L” bracket attachment at every other crown instead of every five
  • An innovative wall fabric to door attachment for a secure fit.
  • A door with a window standard on every yurt
  • Smooth, sanded rafter corners to prevent wear and tear on fabric
  • A handcrafted Doug Fir compression ring that is 3″ thick and 5′ wide
  • A 5′ wide dome with 6 connection points for a weather tight fit

Certified engineering

  • Colorado Yurt construction and design has been tested and certified by an outside engineering firm
  • We guarantee our yurts are capable of withstanding heavy snow and strong winds
  • Engineering specs are often helpful if permitting is required in your area

Superior Customer Service

  • Knowledgeable sales staff who work with you to select the correct options for your yurt
  • Phone support- before, during and after the purchase of your yurt
  • Over 95% customer satisfaction- year after year
  • Experience in shipping all over the world. We routinely ship to all fifty states and many locales outside of the USA. We receive generous discounts from our shippers, which we pass along to our customers.