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Insulation R-Values:
The R-Value of EcoFoil insulation is based on the direction of the heat flow. Downward (from the sun) R15; Horizontally (the walls) R7.31; and upward (the roof), R5.4. R-Value does not fully measure the comfort level achieved in an insulated yurt. The reflective and vapor barrier qualities of EcoFoil work with heat retention to increase the feeling of warmth.

Some Basic Dimensions:

All of our yurts come with a 7’2″ wall height.

The over-the-counter window is 52″ wide and 34″ high. Our full-sized window is a generous 48″ wide and 48″ high. An Operable Wood Casement Window is also available; our fully-operable 2′-3″ x 3′-3″ Douglas Fir Casement Window by Sierra Pacific™ features furniture-quality, floor-to-ceiling, clear low-E glass. A 48″ wide and 40″ tall vinyl clad slider window is also an option.
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Our doors are a residential standard 6’8″ tall and ADA compliant 3′ wide. They come with an aluminum threshold for durability. Our standard doors are right hand, inward swing. Left hand and out opening are available on request. Optional French Doors are available as an option; a full 6’8″ tall and 42″ wide double doors with a full window in each side.
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