Colorado Yurts
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Insulation 2
Winter Yurt


The Colorado Yurt insulation packages incorporate EcoFoil™ reflective insulation and a washable, flame resistant polyester lining. EcoFoil™ is a multi-layer air-bubble insulation sandwiched between two layers of aluminum sheathing. It creates an ideal vapor barrier and reflects heat in both directions, to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The R-Value of EcoFoil™ insulation is based on the direction of the heat flow. Downward (from the sun) R15; Horizontally (the walls) R7.31; and upward (the roof), R5.4). R-Value does not fully measure the comfort level achieved in an insulated yurt. The reflective and vapor barrier qualities of EcoFoil™ work with heat retention to increase the feeling of warmth.

Roof Insulation
Includes a separate lining that is visible above the rafters and conceals the actual insulation. The insulation itself goes between the lining and the exterior yurt roof.

Wall Insulation
Comes in panels that overlap approximately six inches. The panels are installed between the lattice wall and the yurt exterior wall fabric. The lining fabric is sewn directly to the wall insulation and is visible behind the lattice wall.

Warmer Windows
Insulation panels that slide into place to cover your window openings for a consistent thermal layer when the weather gets really frigid. Warmer Windows stay in place over the window openings with Velcro™.