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All doors and doorjambs on Colorado Yurts are handcrafted from stable, solid engineered wood. No plywood or composite materials are used. We apply natural penetrating oil to our doors.

Standard Doors

Door Dimensions
Our doors are a residential standard 6’8″ tall and ADA compliant 3′ wide. They come with an aluminum threshold for durability.

Door Window
Our standard door is a half-light door (i.e. a door with a window) made of 3/16″ clear acrylic.

Rain Cricket
Diverts rainwater away from the doorway is attached to the roof above every door on all Colorado Yurts at no additional charge.

Door Swing
Our standard doors are right hand, inward swing. Left hand and out opening are available on request.

Door Upgrades

Additional Doors
Add up to three additional standard doors for a total of four.

French Doors
Our French Doors are 6’8″ tall and 42″ wide double doors with a full window in each side. French doors are crafted with the same quality joinery and materials as our standard doors with a durable aluminum threshold. Upgrade any standard door to a French door when you place your order.

Screen Doors
Handsome, heavy duty screen doors crafted from Douglas fir. Available with both standard and French doors includes solid brass adjustable spring-loaded hinges.

Handicap Access
Levered doorknobs, grab bars, and tread-plate door thresholds are among the items available to create a barrier-free yurt. Individuals and organizations with handicap access needs should contact our staff to discuss specific requirements.