Colorado Yurts
Compression Ring and Dome
Dome Closeup


All yurts come with a dome that measures five-feet across and 16-inches tall. The domed yurt skylight is ¼” thick pure acrylic. Pure acrylic outlasts other clear polymers when exposed to the elements for five years or more. Its construction includes a flange and down-turned edge. The yurt dome fastens in six places to the compression ring with stainless steel expansion springs and four stainless steel cables for an outstanding weather-tight fit.

Our engineered compression ring is cut from two twelve-sided polygons of clear Douglas fir, and is three inches thick and five feet in diameter.

Domes Upgrades

Euro-Dome Lifter
Allows you to easily raise the leeward side of your yurt dome from floor level using a handheld winding brace. This is the number one option for cooling the yurt.

Tinted Bronze Dome
Significantly reduces heat gain and keeps your yurt about eight degrees cooler than a clear dome. The yurt is still flooded with plenty of natural light.

Bug Net/Shade Cloth
Attaches with Velcro to the bottom side of the compression ring, and serves as both a bug barrier when your yurt dome is open and a shade cloth to reduce heat gain.

Attaches with Velcro to the bottom side of the compression ring to seal off the dome for extremely cold temperatures.

Ceiling Fan Mount
A brace mounted to the compression ring, which allows you to install a ceiling fan under the dome. Fan not provided.