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Simple Yurt Platform
Oversized Yurt Deck
Concrete Yurt Platform
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Deck Designs

You will need to prepare a deck or platform on which to build your Colorado Yurt. We have suggested designs to download, and we’re happy to advise on which option would be best for you.

Simple Yurt Deck
The simple deck is a round structure the same diameter as your yurt. It can have a small porch area at the front door. This simple yurt deck is a great choice if you are on a budget or need to fit the yurt into a tight spot. It also leaves a very light footprint and can be easily deconstructed should you ever move your yurt.

Extended Yurt Deck
The extended deck places the circular, raised area for the yurt on top of a square deck and allows room around the yurt for sitting areas and easy access to your window flaps. Wood and/or recycled decking material such as Trex can be used to build this yurt deck.

Concrete Pad
If the location for you have chosen for your yurt is flat and you have room for a concrete truck to access the area, you may choose to pour a circular concrete pad to place your yurt on. It should be the same diameter as your yurt and have a flexible bender board attached around the outside of the platform. Some of our customers who have chosen to use this type of platform have utilized in-floor radiant heat.

SIPs Deck
The SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) Deck is similar to the simple yurt deck in shape and size. It comes in rectangular pieces that fit together tongue and groove style. The pieces are constructed of an insulating layer of foam sandwiched between two pieces of OSB. It leaves a light footprint and can be easily deconstructed and relocated. You may purchase a SIPs deck from The Colorado Yurt Company. Call for current SIP’s prices and detailed specs.