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Building & Energy Codes

Building Codes

Building code requirements can vary greatly so it is best to check with your local authorities prior to your yurt purchase. If you live in a rural area, your yurt may not need to be permitted.

Yurts are classified by permitting authorities in several different ways, including as a permanent structure or a temporary structure. They may also be viewed as an out building much like a garage or storage building.

The best way to start is by taking our brochure, suggested deck plans and information about snow loads and wind capacities to your local planning and zoning office. If they need more information, we can provide you with engineering data compiled by an outside, Colorado based engineering firm. In some cases the permitting office will require that the engineering data be wet stamped (certified) by an engineer from your state. We can provide this for most states in the U.S. Call us at 1.970-240-2111 for more information about our engineering.


If you have access to electricity on your property, the electrical lines can be run to any location under your yurt and brought up through the floor. Outlets and light switches may then be placed wherever convenient.