Comfort in a Tipi
White Tipi on Deck
Fireplace and Liner
Putting Fabric on Poles

What’s Involved in a Tipi Project

Owning a tipi is a dream come true. Whether you are using it as a family gathering place or for full time living, planning is important.

Ask yourself:

What weight of fabric? Do you need flame resistance?
All of our fabrics are 100% cotton and breathe nicely. The heavier weight 15oz fabric is more durable and longer lasting. If you plan to have a fire inside or around the tipi, we highly recommend flame resistant fabric. In some states, you are required to order flame resistant fabric.

Liner? Ozan? Floor Cover?
These decisions can be part of your conversation with our sales staff. A liner is essential if you plan to have a fire in the tipi, or are sleeping inside. An ozan is recommended if you are sleeping in the tipi, especially if you are in a rainy climate. A floor cover can be used inside the tipi, or you may choose rugs, hides or other floor covering options.

Will you build a deck?
Some people prefer to have the tipi up off of the ground. We have suggested deck plans for your use. If you put your lodge on an extended deck, you will need to order our deck kit to properly attach the poles to the deck and stake your cover.

Can I pitch my own tipi?
Yes! Most people pitch their tipi with the help of a few friends. The bigger the tipi, the more crew you’ll need. We send instructions with the tipi. If you live near our shop, you have the option of hiring our crew to pitch the tipi.