Two Tipis in Fall Woods
Pole Tops

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The Basics

A beautiful tilted cone with a crown of lodge poles- a Sioux style tipi is one of the world’s most ingenious and functional shelters. We have added the strength and durability of modern fabrics to create the best tipis available. For over 40 years, Earthworks Tipis has been the leader in authentic, quality-built lodges.

The buffalo hunters of the Great Plains made the design innovations distinctive to “modern” tipis. First, they tilted the cone into the prevailing winds, making it slightly asymmetrical and nearly vertical in back. This made the tipi stand strong against the weather and it increased the headroom and usable living space. Second, they moved the smoke hole down the more gently sloping front of the tipi and added flaps, supported and adjusted with poles from the outside, to control the draw for the fire. These flaps give the tipi its elegant winged appearance.

The very basic elements of a tipi (teepee, tepee) are the cover, liner, ozan, poles and pitching accessories. The poles form the framework that supports the cover and provides a lattice from which the liner and ozan are hung.

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