Canyonlands Tipis

Technical Support

Here are some handy links and downloads for technical or instructional info about tipis.

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Pitching Instructions
Deck Plans
Care & Cleaning

Tipi Dimensions:

We offer six sizes of tipis. A tipi’s footprint is egg shaped and dimension is measured on the longest dimension of the footprint (ie. Front to back measurement on the tipi).

Naturally, the larger the tipi’s footprint the taller the tipi is. To get a sense of the dimensions and the space you will need to set up your tipi, here is a document featuring our tipi dimensions.

Pole Lengths
12′ tipi – 14 poles, 16′ long
16′ tipi – 17 poles, 20′ long
18′ tipi – 17 poles, 24′ long
20′ tipi – 17 poles, 27′ long
24′ tipi – 17 poles, 32′ long
28′ tipi – 20 poles, 36′ long

Heavy-duty poles are large poles cut down to 27′ for efficient, economical transport in 28′ trucks. For 24′ tipis; poles extend above the tipi minimally.
24′ tipi – 20 poles, 27′ heavy-duty


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