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Tipi Poles in Place
Poles Tied
Putting Fabric on Poles
Placing Pins
Finished Tipi

Pitching Instructions

Pitching Instructions can be printed here.

Your Earthworks Tipi comes with a detailed set of pitching instructions. The instructions include measurements, tips and diagrams for pitching a tipi, as well as directions for hanging your liner, ozan and door cover. Here’s the abbreviated version for setting up your tipi poles and cover.

Step 1: Site Selection
Select a spot a little higher than the surrounding area for good drainage. Traditionally tipis face east, away from prevailing winds.

Step 2: Select Poles
Select your five largest tipi poles. Three will form your main tripod (the north, south and door poles). The fourth goes to the right side of the door and the last pole lifts your tipi cover. Set aside your two smallest tipi poles to use for smoke flap poles.

Step 3: Raise Your Tripod
Tie the three biggest poles together near the top while they are lying on the ground. (It is very important that they are tied so that they will not slip when you raise them.) Next raise them to form a standing tripod. This is done with one person bracing the bottom of the north and south poles and another person lifting these from the tips and walking under them. This can also be done by using the rope to pull up the tripod.

Step 4: Add More Poles to Tripod
Lay the tipi poles one by one into the three crotches formed where the tripod poles cross near the top. Don’t include your lifting pole or smoke flap poles in this process.

Step 5: Tie Poles
Wrap the dangling rope around all of the standing poles. This is the same rope that tied your tripod together.

Step 6: Prepare Cover
Spread the cover out on the ground at the back of the standing poles with the circular side of the cover closest to the poles.

Step 7: Place Lifting Poles
Lay the lifting pole on the cover so it bisects it and the butt end of the lifting pole is closest to the standing poles.

Step 8: Position Cover to Lift
Accordion fold each side of the cover in toward the lifting pole so that the entire cover is bunched up to either side of the lifting pole. Lifting from the tip of the pole, walk up under the whole bundle and lean it into the crotch at the rear of the standing poles.

Step 9: Lift Cover
Unfurl the cover around the poles, like wrapping a blanket around your shoulders.

Step 10: Insert Lacing Pins
Lace the front of the tipi cover together with your lacing pins through the series of buttonholes running down the front of the tipi.

Step 11: Stake Down Cover
Stake your tipi cover down through the loops around the bottom edge.

Step 12: Place Smoke Flap Poles
Place your smoke flap poles into the pockets at the top of the smoke flaps.