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What’s Involved in a Tent Project?

Are you renting out your tent? Using it as an office? Setting it up at a summer camp? Here are a few things to consider- to be sure your tent is exactly what you want:

1 Pick a tent size:

Our tents are available in 12’x14′, 16’x14’’, and 16’x20’. Look at your space, think of how you’ll use the tent, consider the sidewall and ridge height you need- then decide on a size.

2 Fabric type/weight:

Our 15 ounce Sunforger is 100% cotton and breathes nicely. It is available with our without flame retardant. Or select our Timberline Tent, 15 ounce cotton/poly blend with and acrylic coating and flame retardant- available in tan or forest green.

3 Select your fly size:

Select a standard size fly or the extended fly, and have a covered porch outside of your tent. A fly will extend the life of the canvas greatly, while providing shade and airflow between the tent and fly. Our standard fly material is 19oz heavyweight vinyl.

4 Mosquito net:

Do you want net on front and back or all four sides? Bugs and breezes- keep one out, let the other one in.

5 Build your deck:

Most people build their own platform/deck and ridge pole. We have deck plans for your use. We also have the option of putting an internal frame in the tent- give us a call for pricing at 970-240-2111 or visit our contact us page.

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