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What’s Involved in a Tent Project?

Are you renting out your tent? Using it as an office? Setting it up at a summer camp? Here are a few things to consider- to be sure your tent is exactly what you want:

1 Pick a tent size:

Our tents range from 10’x12’ to 16’x20’. Look at your space, think of how you’ll use the tent, consider the sidewall and ridge height you need- then decide on a size.

2 Fabric type/weight:

All of Sunforger fabrics are 100% cotton and breathe nicely. The heavier weight 15oz fabric is more durable and longer lasting. Do you need flame resistance? In some states, you are required to order flame resistant. We also have the option of getting a colorful tent, made from our acrylic coated TuffStar Fabric.

3 How heavy of fly:

We highly recommend (almost insist) that you add a fly to your tent. It will extend the life of the canvas greatly, while providing shade and airflow between the tent and fly. If you live in an area with wind and high UV, we suggest the 19oz. fly. Order the extended fly, and have a covered porch outside of your tent.

4 Mosquito net:

Do you want net on front and back or all four sides? Bugs and breezes- keep one out, let the other one in.

5 Build your deck:

Most people build their own platform/deck and ridge pole. We have deck plans for your use. We also have the option of putting an internal frame in the tent- give us a call for pricing at 970-240-2111 or visit our contact us page.

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