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Tent FAQs

How are your tents used?
Cimarron tents are used in many different ways by many different people. From open air, elegant dining solutions to home offices and guest quarters to hunting camp mess halls and more. See our where to visit page for some great examples.

How long does it take to set up a tent?
It depends on the size of the tent and options you’ve selected. Generally speaking, once you have your platform finished, the actual tent installation takes a few hours. Instructions can be previewed here.

Can tents be left up year ’round?
In most cases, yes. Our Timberline Tent is the best choice if you are planning on making your tent a “permanent” structure. Although our tents are very rugged, they are not engineered. So, in snowy climates, you want to avoid letting snow pile up on your tent.

How long will a tent last?
The life of the tent is highly dependent on the quality of fabric you choose, the climate your tent is located in, how long your tent is left up and how well you store it when you put it away. Your tent cover will last longer if it is not in a high UV area or an extremely wet area. It will also last longer if it is not left up year round, but you must be careful to store it completely dry and in a moisture-free, rodent-free area.

Caring for your Cimarron Tent

How do you store a tent?
Take off the tent fabric and fold it neatly when it is completely dry in a moisture and rodent free area. You can protect the tent by storing it in a good quality plastic trash can with a tight fitting lid. When you store your frame, lay the wood flat on several boards so they have good air circulation around them.

Can I install electricity?
If you have access to electricity on your property, the electrical lines can be run to any location under your tent and brought up through the floor. Outlets and light switches may then be placed wherever convenient.

How do I heat my tent?
Heating a tent is most often accomplished with a wood or gas stove vented through a stove pipe outlet in the roof of your tent.

What kind of platform or deck does my tent require?
Your tent is designed to be built on a rectangular, raised platform, most often built from wood or recycled composite decking material. You are responsible for building the platform. It is not included in your tent kit. We are happy to provide you deck plans.

Will my tent come with a floor?
For a platform tent, the decking acts as the tent floor.

How much will it cost to ship my tent?
Tent shipping costs depend on many factors including your shipping location, size of your tent and options selected. The costs vary widely from around $300 – $600 in the U.S. Overseas shipments run higher. The surest way to get an idea of what your shipping costs is to give us a call at 970-240-2111. We are happy to provide you with a free shipping estimate.

How long will it take to get my tent?
Our tents are custom built. Your tent will usually be shipped from our shop 4-8 weeks after you place your order. Lead times can vary by season. In the spring, tents can take longer than 8 weeks to ship. Please call 970-240-2111 to get an accurate ship date based on our current production schedule.

Can I pick my tent up at The Colorado Yurt Company?
You may pick your tent up at The Colorado Yurt Company. We are required to collect Montrose city taxes on your tent if you pick it up directly from us. In most cases, when all costs are considered it is less expensive if we ship the tent to you. If you want a comparison of pick up versus shipping call 970-240-2111. We will be happy to figure the cost of both options for you.