Organized Campsite
Shaded Front Porch
Lit Campsite
Telluride Sleighs 2
Tents and Tipi

Tent Covers

Tipi and Canvas Tent Swatches are available by request. Give us a call 970-240-2111 to receive canvas and fly swatches.

Three Fabric Choices
15 ounce Sunforger Flame Resistant, 15 ounce Sunforger, or 15 ounce Timberline Tent*

Reinforced At Stress Points
8″ wide chafing strip with hidden vinyl reinforcing at ridge, two-ply reinforcing with concealed vinyl at corners, spur grommets set in 2″ webbing at eaves and hem for deck attachment (eliminates stakes and long guy ropes).

Front and Back Doors
With 12″ storm flaps and Velcro door fasteners.
Rollup Sidewalls secure with Velcro straps.

Covered Ridge Pole Outlets
Accommodates over-length pole for fly.

With ropes, corner lacings and storage bag.

*Timberline Tents with desert tan or forest green walls:
Have all four walls in either color, or mix and match. All Timberline Tents have our 15oz Sunforger flame retardant fabric for the roof in the natural cotton color for strength and translucency.