To get a 3D view of your design, select print and trim out the flat design above,
pinch the top flaps together and tape them to create a miniature version of your tipi.

Painted Tipis

Tipi designs originally told the story of the lodge owner. This tool shows our selection of design options. You can mix or match designs from the Tops, Middles, and Bases, or choose full length designs from the Gallery section.

Our artist can also help you with a custom design. Please call 800.288.3190.

Each tipi is hand painted and unique. There will be some variations in color and the positioning of elements. This tool is designed to give you a sense of how your tipi painting will look, but is not an exact representation of the final product.

  • Many Journeys
  • Native Blanket
  • Winding River
  • Mesa
  • Eagle Feathers
  • Sun Ray
  • Morning Fog
  • Stars Above
  • Village
  • Western Horses
  • Flying Mustang
  • Bear
  • Great Elk
  • Running Bison
  • Soaring Hawk
  • Deer
  • Raven
  • Mountain Sun
  • Eye Of Wisdom
  • Bear Claw
  • Trout
  • Friendship
  • Four Directions
  • Medicine Shield
  • Mesa
  • Prairie Path
  • Three Journeys
  • Flowing River
  • Mountain Peaks
  • Full Moon
  • Valley Path
  • Marking Time
  • Peaks Moon
  • Two Become One
  • Falling Stars
  • Mountain Raven
  • Forest Lodge
  • Bison Herd
  • Flying Free
  • Canyon Wall
  • The Hunt
  • Mustangs

To view pricing in the calculator, you must first choose a tipi size.

The price shown here reflects the cost to paint your tipi based on the designs selected above, and does not include the cost of the tipi itself.