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Prices do not include shipping.

ONE Art Tipi
Price is for canvas cover package + painting. Poles can be added ($408 shipped from Montana, $510 for local customers)

“The Grove”
Trees surround you. Painted in shades of grey, this design is especially breathtaking from inside.
16′ tipi package (13oz Flame resistant fabric).
PRICE: Tipi package: $2151
Has been pitched TWICE.

Tipi Components
Prices do not include shipping.
• NEW 6’ Liner for 22’ tipi: 13oz canvas (not flame resistant) $600
• NEW 6’ liner for 12’ tipi: 13 oz canvas (not flame resistant) $250
• USED 6’ liner for 28’ tipi: 13oz Flame resistant canvas $800
• USED 9’ Liner for 22’ tipi: 10 oz Flame Resistant canvas $600
• USED Extended Ozan for 18’ tipi with a 9’ liner: 13oz Flame Resistant canvas $225