We have 6 – 20’ yurt SIPs* decks available for immediate sale.
Choose your package- just the panels, panels and beams, or the complete set-up with piers and anchors.
These can be used as a platform for an existing yurt, added to a new yurt order,
used for a tipi or bell tent- whatever you wish!

CALL to order: (800)288-3190

*Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs):
4 1/2” SIPs panels fabricated with 3 1/2” engineered, energy efficient (R-27) polyurethane foam panels sandwiched between two sheets of 7/16” oriented strand board, pre-cut to the exact diameter of the yurt. Polyurethane foam is free of CFC’s and formaldehyde.
A ¾” plywood sub-fascia is stapled flush into the radius of each SIP panel, providing a rigid perimeter and reliable nail base for connecting bender board.
Panels attach to beam system with 8” star drive wafer-head screws (provided).

Bender Board: 1/2” x 8” composite bender board is manufactured from 50% high quality film polyethylene/50% reclaimed wood. Attaches to plywood sub-fascia with #8 x 2” yellow zinc plated deck screws.
Beam System: 4” x 6” on (16’ and 20’yurts), 4” x 8” (on 24’yurts), 4” x 10” (on 27’ and 30’yurts) Douglas fir beams pre-cut and drilled for 8” star drive wafer head screw connectors, provided. Simpson truss beam connectors are provided where necessary.
Piers: Adjustable steel mobile home piers with 4” x 4” flat pier-head support the beam system. Pier heads attach to the bottom surface of beams with #14 x 1 ½” hex drive screws (provided). Piers bear on engineered ABS pads on evenly compacted soil. Cross-drive anchors and steel strapping secure the beam set to the ground.

Side view of SIPs panel

Complete SIPs package pier and beam

Beam system on concrete footers

No in stock yurts at this time. We can also build a yurt for you. Please call for current lead times.
Give us a call (800)288-3190.

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