10 Mar 2021

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: School in a Colorado Yurt

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Kids need fresh air, dirt on their hands, and long hikes in the woods. Traditionally, schools have kept kids in a classroom, sitting at a desk for most of the school day. Now, progressive and forward-thinking educators are embracing a different approach. One where children are outdoors, learning in nature for most or all of […]

7 Nov 2020

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Full-time Living with Breathtaking Views

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If you’ve ever visited our hometown of Montrose, Colorado- you know about two of our most spectacular sights. First, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is just east of town and offers amazing sheer canyon scenery surrounded by juniper and pinon forest. To our south, we enjoy incredible views of the San Juan mountains. […]

31 Aug 2020

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Farm on Fire

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This is a first-person story from a customer in California:

Five years ago, we bought a small piece of dirt to create a “farm”…  We didn’t know what we were getting into, but we have worked hard to plant trees, grapevines, a garden and a barn (the barn seems like it will never be done, but […]

4 Aug 2020

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Turtle Yurts

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NOTE: Turtle Yurts opens for 2021 season in early May.

If you’ve ever visited the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin, you know what a special place it is. The history, beaches, fishing and nearby Apostle Islands draw visitors from all over the world. Jon Sherwood and Gina Monroe have a beautiful wooded property that is […]

23 Jul 2020

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Glamping

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Do you love the outdoors? Do you relax while listening to the wind through the trees? Do you have equally strong feelings about comfortable mattresses and plumbing? You are not alone. The combination of camping and comfortable amenities is the hottest trend in hospitality, combining camping and “glamour”- known as glamping. We hear a lot […]

21 Feb 2020

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Utah State Parks

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We’ve always known just how wonderful Utah is. They’re our next-door neighbor after all. But in the past few years, the news got out. Utah outdoor destinations are hotter than ever, with red rock country, high altitude lakes, goblins and hoodoos popping up on social media and blogs around the world.

When visiting Utah for outdoor […]