22 Apr 2014

Colorado Yurts at Peaceful Acres Horses in upstate NY

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In 2002, Nanci Beyerl was experiencing grief, loss and trauma after a divorce. She was fragile, frightened and needed healing. Panic attacks and hopelessness plagued her. As she struggled to move forward, she relocated herself and her 4 horses to a dilapidated old farm near Pattersonville, NY. She intended to heal her soul and perhaps help others. She didn’t plan to rescue horses.

Nanci and Jasper cards

Over time, however, her farm and her mission grew. She took in horses from abusive homes. She rescued horses from kill pens, and adopted off track thoroughbreds. She made room for donkeys and ponies, and even brought home a few goats. As the herd grew, she saw how the animals could help to heal people. An abused child connected to an abused horse, and the presence of a horse’s velvet muzzle and soulful eyes calmed a cancer patient. She went back to school and got her master’s degree in social work to further her ability to help others. She was joined by volunteers who shared her vision for horses and healing.


Today, Peaceful Acres hosts workshops and retreats for foster children, veterans, couples in crisis, cancer survivors and others who need the healing power of community and connection. The farm is now 154 acres and home to 65 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. It costs over $4000 to feed and care for each horse. Fundraising and sponsorships have become as big a part of Nanci’s job as counseling and healing.


As the farm grew, they needed innovative and affordable space for workshops. In 2010, Nanci and a friend stopped by Colorado Yurt Company in Montrose, CO after vacationing in nearby Ridgway and seeing the yurts at Orvis Hot Springs. They toured our facility and fell in love with the space inside a yurt. With the help of a grant from the Charles Wood Foundation, Peaceful Acres added their first yurt in 2011. Last year, they added a second.

yurting in 2014

The yurts are used for workshops, retreats, dinners and spaces for reflection and meditation. Peaceful Acres rents the yurts to groups and individuals, raising needed funds to feed horses and promote their work. Nanci says, “Offering the amazing space of a 30 foot yurt from The Colorado Yurt company has given Peaceful Acres Horses an opportunity to invite guests and donors to the rescue sanctuary to enjoy events, lunches and meetings in a very unique setting. Most people who live in The Capital Region of NY State have never been in a yurt. Because of our yurts, they now can get a true feel for the space and all it has to offer. We hope to add 4-6 more on the property for accommodations and wellness retreat programs. “

Yoga in the yurt

Looking forward, Nanci sees yurts, tipis and tents used for sleeping spaces for the farm. Also, she would like to add a smaller yurt for yoga, and a coffee house yurt. Her fundraising continues, as the vision and need for Peaceful Acres work with horses and people grows.

11 Dec 2013

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Two Yurts make Hunting Camp Dream Come True.

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This blog is written by a recent yurt customer in Colorado.

A few years ago I purchased some wilderness land in Northwest Colorado, primarily as an investment. I’m a city boy, having been raised in Chicago and never exposed to camping or rugged outdoor adventures. I was surprised to find how attracted I became to the wilderness.

To sate my appetite for my new found love of being in the woods, (hiking and tracking elk herds and deer, discovering grouse leks and the serenity of dense Aspen groves and majestic stands of Douglas Fir), I bought a wall tent. Then two wall tents, then a cook fly, then camping trailers. Well, you get it, I was hooked.

While we ended up with a very adequate hunting camp, I wanted to upgrade so I could easily live and entertain in complete comfort while still respecting the natural beauty and serenity of the land. The obvious choice to me was a rustic but somewhat plush cabin or even a multi-room house.

Factoring in solar power, water, septic systems, lumber, and so many other things, I couldn’t justify putting that much money into my passion. Then, a wise friend suggested the idea of yurts. As they say, “The rest is history”.


While my ignorance was complete, I started investigating on-line and quickly realized that Colorado Yurt Company was by far my manufacturer of choice. My land is high altitude and gets heavy, consistent snows, so I needed a very strong yurt. The Winter Stout Alpine Yurt completely fit the bill. A visit to Colorado Yurt Company headquarters in Montrose, Colorado confirmed my decision.

By working together with Colorado Yurt Company and my family, our plans evolved to joining two thirty foot Winter Stout Yurts- allowing for large kitchen, bath, mud and laundry, plus a private master bedroom along with a charming bunk area.

bunk int kitchen

Colorado Yurt Company designed the connection between the yurts, helped us pitch them, and they have been helpful throughout the process.

Sure, we ended up with an attractive, economical, fully functional and well-engineered structure, but the real reward is the almost indescribable charm and literal joy of what I call the “Yurt experience”. For my money, Yurts are the perfect way to enjoy living in exotic places.


7 Jun 2013

Good Neighbors: Colorado Yurt Company & YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch

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Good Neighbors.



Over the years, our local customers come back time and again for our quality Colorado-made structures. Whether it’s a campground, resort or ski area- our neighbors have come to rely on their “home state” yurt, tipi and tent company- just like customers all over the world.


The past few years, one of our best neighbors has been YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby. Colorado Yurt Company crew makes the yurts for the Y in the spring. Then we load our trucks and trailers, drive over to Granby and a skilled group stays around for a few days to pitch them on site. It’s an assignment that is highly sought after for our crew- a week away from their usual routine in the beautiful springtime weather in the Rockies. If it didn’t involve long days and hard work, some people would call that a vacation.



In 2009, the Y decided to start their yurt village. They developed a master plan to install yurts for guests who wanted a camping type experience, with more comfort than traditional tent camping. Snow Mountain Ranch selected a hilltop site, overlooking the valley, with a view of the Front Range Mountains to the east. Twenty-four yurts are in the master plan- two villages of twelve yurts each.  With the addition of the five new yurts we installed this spring, the first village is complete!  Snow Mountain’s yurts have been donated by generous families, and completing the second village depends on finding more interested families.


Snow Mountain Ranch has seen a great response to the yurts. Occupancy in the summer is nearly 100%, and they have reservations for months in advance. Guests have left guest book comments about their yurt stays, such as:

  • “We liked seeing the stars at night through the skylight!  We would definitely stay again!”
  • “We enjoyed staying in our yurt as much as we enjoyed saying the word”
  • “We were very impressed with the yurt.  It was great for the six of us.”
  • “Thank you so much for this unique opportunity- I may actually want to put a yurt on my property now!  Beautiful!”


Ranch guests aren’t the only ones impressed with Snow Mountain yurts. The press has been intrigued enough to feature them in several articles. The Denver Post featured the yurt village in a 2012 article, and they’ve been mentioned in Outside Magazine and Barrier Free Travels:





It’s been a neighborly relationship for both Colorado Yurt Company and Snow Mountain Ranch. We send some of our potential customers to Snow Mountain to see the yurts via our webpage and personal referral, and some become repeat guests of the yurt village. The Y has been a champion of our company with their site and customer referrals. It’s a relationship built to last. We’ll keep working together toward the completion of the two yurt villages at YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch in future years.


14 Mar 2013

Colorado Yurt Company customer stories: Unique Yurt

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Welcome to our yurt!

Fish weren’t meant to live in a box kid, it does things to ya.”  -Gill, inFinding Nemo”

A few years ago, I began to sense that I wanted to explore what it would be like to live with my family in the round.  After exploring many possibilities, we decided that adapting a yurt to our needs would be the simplest, most expedient, and graceful solution to our situation.

So we approached Dan Kigar of  Colorado Yurt Company with some pretty radical ideas:  I wanted to put the whole structure on stem walls so we would have enough room for a functioning upstairs; I wanted to insulate it with sheep’s wool insulation, and I wanted to attach a functional ‘mudroom’ entryway.


Dan was incredibly helpful and gracious to work with, supportive of my ideas and helpful with the design and layout of the whole thing.  Between the two of us, we designed a fairly elaborate and nicely functioning structure.  Palatial, maybe even…


So, welcome to our yurt: it has four foot straw bale stem walls, a poured adobe floor, earthen plasters throughout, a loft with over six feet of head room, sheep’s wool insulation, (it’s warm!) fully functioning glass windows, in-floor heat, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a lamp post to boot.


We’ve been in it a year now, and we all love it deeply, it’s warm, lofty (it has an 18 ft. peak!) and gorgeous to live in.  We’re so grateful to both Dan and Emma as well as the whole crew at Colorado Yurt Company for making it a reality!


TL7To read more about the yurt, and see photos of the building process: http://southwestadobeyurt.blogspot.com/



5 Nov 2012

Earthworks Tipi in Massachusetts: A Customer’s story

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Three years ago, an artist friend built a tipi with her father. After a blissful summer of living in the tipi, Sarah needed a more long term home for it. I had smudged the tipi and did an ad-hoc pipe ceremony, so she knew where to move it. On a warm December night, I suddenly had a tipi in my back yard. I fell in love.

Not a drop of Indian blood runs through my veins, but it runs through my heart.  I live in Massachusetts where wigwams were the local tribes’ abode. While a wigwam is very cozy, it just isn’t the same as a tipi.

By early spring of this year, Sarah’s tipi was moldy and saggy, and we could no longer have a fire inside. The cover came down, and I looked longingly at the naked poles for a few months. Then I said to my husband, Dave, “We need to get our own tipi”.

In April, we started tagging trees to cut on our 2 acres and on our neighbor’s property. We are in our fifties, and we cut 17 trees together! I’d like to say I helped strip the poles, but my incredible husband did it all. Our poles are trees of northeastern Mass.– green ash, shagbark hickory and two maples. They are not as straight as lodgepole pine, but they are beautiful.

In June, we were ready to order our cover. Ivy at Colorado Yurt was indispensable in helping us make decisions. When the cover arrived in July, it was like a huge present waiting to be opened. I like to wait as long as possible to open presents, savoring the anticipation, so we didn’t take the cover out of its bag for 3 weeks.

On a warm day in August, we opened the big canvas bag and unfolded the tipi cover slowly over our green lawn. The canvas was stunning. Beautifully stitched, everything reinforced, nylon backing, lacing pins, ropes, stakes and of course the door!

Then, it was time to paint! The river was my daughter’s idea, since we live near the Ipswich River. The rolling green hills are representative of our part of the country. My sister designed the red tailed hawks for me, and we spent many happy hours painting them together. The yellow star at the top is for our son who is serving in Afghanistan. The design was ready, so we spread the canvas on the lawn and painted. Mother Nature had other plans……. she rained on the paint!!!

After mopping up wet paint, I emailed Ivy at Colorado Yurt. She said, “Just go with it”- so we did. Now we have a rainy, tied-dyed river on our tipi, and we love it. We moved the canvas inside the garage and painted for two more weeks.

My mother, step-father and daughter all helped pitch the tipi. I am overflowing with the love my family showed making this happen for me.

Thank you Colorado Yurt and Earthworks Tipis.

6 Sep 2011

Alaska Wilderness Yurt Adventure

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When Tonya and Stephen purchased land in the wilderness of Alaska, they knew it would be a challenge to build. Their land is bordered by the Chugach National Forest on one side and the Wrangle St. Ellias Wilderness Preserve on the other, 1 mile east of the Copper River. Since it’s very remote, with the closest road 25 miles away and 35 miles to the closest village, the only access is either by boat or aircraft.

Bringing the yurt to the site by helicopter.

Bringing the yurt to the site by helicopter.

They chartered a helicopter service and made twelve trips to bring in all of the materials for the deck and the yurt. The loads were placed high upon a bench, which offered a fantastic view of the lake in front and the surrounding mountains. With the help of three friends, they set out to build their yurt in the wilderness.

Building the deck for the yurt

Building the deck for the yurt

They cut a trail into the site and moved all the materials to allow for the set up of the Yurt. After clearing the area of all the alders and trees, they began setting the foundation blocks. At the end of the 1st day they had the foundation set and half the 2X6 floor installed. Not too bad for a 16 hour day! By the end of the 2nd day they had finished the floor, erected the lattice wall, compression ring, rafters- and the liner, insulation and cover for the roof (this was a 12 hour day). On day three, they installed the fabric wall and insulation and were finished by lunch time…32 hours from start to finish!

Alaska yurt

Completed yurt

They plan to use the yurt as all-season retreat, so they installed a solar system for power. It has a full bathroom (with shower), full kitchen (with refrigerator, freezer and stove) and a wood burning stove from Englander to heat the yurt. They installed a well to fill the 200 gallon cistern. The yurt is a fully functional home, but it’s just located in the wilderness of Alaska. They have leather sofa and chair, full sized bed and a cafe style dinette set. The yurt is over-looking the lake, which offers a chance to watch the Trumpeter Swans and their 2 cygnets, bears, beavers, eagles and a host of other wildlife.

Yurt interior

Beautiful interior

Stephen and Tonya had looked at several options for their wilderness home: wood frame, log and yurt. They investigated several yurt manufactures, and settled on the 27′ Colorado Yurt because the finished product was excellent and the options were what they looked for. Plus, they told us the customer service was excellent! They thought the instructions were very good to follow.

They are looking at setting up 2 additional yurts and offering them as a wilderness experience for those who wish to really get back to nature. They could also be used for winter time helicopter skiing groups.

Stephen and Tonya have now spent the summer in their yurt and love everything about it. They say, “Colorado Yurt, you produce an awesome yurt!!! Thank you!” and “PS. The fishing is great!!!”

Tonya's fish

Wow! Look at that fish!

6 Jun 2011

Yurt Yoga for Kids with Special Needs!

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We’re so excited about one of our new customers we wanted to let you know about her before her yurt’s even fully operational.  Krista Zember, owner of BE Yoga, in Washington DC is expanding her operation to Sterling, VA.


describe the image


The centerpiece of her new practice will be a yurt that will host classes for children with special needs.  She writes:

“I plan to teach children with special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, and any other mental or physical challenges, through the Yoga for the Special Child Method created by my teacher Sonia Sumar. I will also hold a few adult classes and some children’s classes during the day, for those who homeschool, like me!”

Krista’s plans build from there.  She wants to add family yoga and kirtan (call and response chanting) to the mix.

Krista began practicing yoga more seriously after the onset of fibromyalgia.  Yoga helped her cope with the pain.  A competitive gymnast and dancer from a very young age, Krista is no stranger to physical activity.  Yoga brought her centeredness and a deep connection with others.

Krista is primarily trained in the Kripalu and Integral traditions. Her practice focuses on alignment, energy, and meditation.  She also brings in elements of Hatha, Kundalini, Anusara, and Iyengar yoga.


yurt yoga


In addition to her work as a yoga teacher, Krista is a full time mom to her 6-year-old daughter Willow Prana and 2 and a half year old Nyima Prabhavati.

She’s looking forward to making the yurt fully operational. “…we will be getting some electrical outlets put in and a wood stove installed after the interior floor is oiled.”


krista yoga yurt

We’re looking forward to it too! We’ll keep you posted.


Daydream about your yurt! Practice with our Color Your Yurt Tool!



18 May 2011

Winter Stout Alpine Yurt at Monarch Mountain Ski Area

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C Documents and Settings Ivy My Documents My Pictures 50278 56232837661 3091066 n resized 600When Monarch Mountain needed a home for their Junior Mountain program, they called us at the Colorado Yurt Company.

Monarch Mountain is an awesome family-oriented ski area that is about two hours from our shop in Montrose, CO. The mountain sits on the continental divide in the Sawatch range, and the elevation at the top of the mountain is 11,960 feet. C Documents and Settings Ivy My Documents My Pictures powder resized 600Monarch has great ski terrain and the most amazing view from the top of the Panorama lift. From there you can see the San Juan mountains sitting way off to the south, and the Gunnison valley stretching out between. On a clear day, it does seem that you can see forever. When you point the boards down hill, it’s a long and exhilarating trip to the base. There are many routes to the bottom, and all of them are prime Colorado skiing. The other great things about Monarch Mountain include: short lift lines, plentiful annual snowfall (350 inches or more), great prices and really friendly staff.

C Documents and Settings Ivy My Documents My Pictures Yurt 002 resized 600Junior Mountain is a unique part of the Monarch ski school- a program specifically designed for 7-12 year old skiers and boarders. They spend the entire day as a group, starting at the yurt, going out to the mountain, then coming back to the yurt for lunch and other activities. The kids and their families usually had the initial reaction of “What is a yurt?!” But, by the end of the day, the young skiers and boarders thought the yurt was one of the coolest parts of the Junior Mountain experience. Advancecanvas01 d Artwork Logos winter stout logo resized 600They came to see it as their private hideaway- so much more unique and personal than a room in the base lodge. After the first full season of use, the management at Monarch is also very happy with the yurt. Eric Ramsey of Monarch Mountain said, “We are very pleased with the yurt we purchased from Colorado Yurt Company.  It’s been a perfect mix of form and function creating a unique environment that has enhanced our guest experience.”

The yurt at the base of Monarch for their ski school is an Alpine Winter Stout yurt. It’s a yurt that is designed for the extreme conditions found at Monarch- deep unbalanced snow loads. We introduced the Winter Stout several years ago specifically for customers such as ski areas that have high altitude and/or deep snowfall. The Winter Stout can withstand up to 170psf of unbalanced snow loads- which makes it the strongest yurt around. So, when the yurt is filled with kids, the snow piled on the roof is not a concern to the ski school staff at Monarch. They can relax and concentrate on who lost their socks or who will try their best Shaun White impression when they strap on the snowboard. And, that’s just the way we like it.



12 Apr 2010

Susan Lange of Sweetwater Watsu Practices in her Yurt!

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I love my yurt! It is a beautiful structure that evokes a kind of special magical feeling.

Last spring, I erected a 24 foot yurt in Evergreen Colorado, to house my 15 foot therapy pool.





I use the pool to give Watsu sessions to my clients. Watsu is a kind of water therapy that combines Shiatsu with water. I float people in a pool of warm water. I support their bodies while I move them through the water giving them gentle stretches and twists. It is both relaxing and rejuvenating. In July of 2009, I opened for business as Sweetwater Watsu.






When I was getting ready to establish my Watsu practice, I looked at a variety of structures that would work as a housing for my therapy pool. I chose to erect a yurt because I loved the round shape. I am so glad that I made that choice. The interior of the yurt is incredibly beautiful with the ceiling pattern of beams radiating out from a central dome. And the clear ceiling dome provides a view of the blue Colorado sky.





When people first step through the door of my yurt, their eyes light up when they see the inside of the structure. They frequently comment on the beauty of my space. As I work with my clients, the yurt lends to the calm feeling of healing energy. When people lay back in the warm water of my pool, they look up at the clear dome surrounded by radiating beams. It is a beautiful sight. My clients frequently comment on the shape of the yurt and the wonderful feeling they get when receiving a Watsu in the warm water inside of the peaceful yurt. It seems magical. The shape and energy of the yurt definitely lend to my Watsu practice.

For more information about my yurt or my Watsu practice, visit http://sweetwaterwatsu.com or become a fan ofSweetwater Watsu on Facebook.

Susan Lange
Sweetwater Watsu


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