20 Feb 2019

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: The Cedars Ranch

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Are you planning a wedding? Do you need some “me” time to relax and rejuvenate? The Cedars Ranch is a new wellness retreat and wedding venue situated among oaks and cedars in the Texas hill country just 40 minutes from Austin.

Bill and Marilyn Orr and their crew have been working hard to be ready for a spring 2019 opening. They’re completing buildings and outdoor spaces that fully embrace the beauty of their surroundings and create a one-of-a-kind destination. The property has indoor and outdoor spaces, including the light-filled Great Hall (seating 200), outdoor tree-lined Plaza (seating 250), high character Event Bar, intimate organic flower Garden and Gazebo, and many outdoor wedding ceremony sites under majestic live oaks.

They also have a beautifully-outfitted thirty-foot Colorado Yurt available as their only on-site accommodation. It’s available to rent by the night, or can be a memorable bridal suite as part of a wedding experience.

The team at The Cedars Ranch wanted a unique structure for their guests. They chose a yurt because it met all the requirements: lighter footprint on the earth, speed of construction, spacious interior and available options. Bonus features are the comforting atmosphere of a round structure and the ability to see the moon and stars through the yurt dome.

The Cedars Ranch yurt interior was designed by a pro (Amy Jameson out of Austin)- incorporating absolutely all the essentials into the 706 square feet. The yurt has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining area, sitting area and a large outdoor deck to extend the living space. They have a mini-split for heating and cooling, and a graceful oversized ceiling fan to move air through the space.

The Cedars Ranch inspired us at Colorado Yurt with the beautiful custom touches they added to the yurt. First, they painted all interior wood white, making for a seamless and clean look inside the yurt. They painted their doors and window frames black, creating drama and a modern design aesthetic.  The cool, tranquil color scheme provides respite from the summer heat.

We were happy to help them with this important addition to their business. They said, “Colorado Yurt Company was very helpful. We had questions-many questions- and often. They were patient, helpful and were able to deliver the yurt to us in just a few weeks. We did our research. Colorado Yurt has quality, options, customer service and competitive pricing.”

Their yurt guests have left glowing reviews:

“The eco-yurt was really lovely. The pictures didn’t do it justice! The yurt was comfortable even in the scorching Texas summer. We would highly recommend this experience to anyone!”

“We had a lovely stay in the eco-yurt at Cedars Ranch. It was exactly what we needed- peaceful and relaxing. The yurt was cozy and thoughtfully decorated and had everything you could need. The hospitality and small touches really make this place unique.”

Check out their website and social media for upcoming special events and wedding deals. You can also book their yurt on AirBnB and connect with them on social media @thecedarsranch.

30 Oct 2018

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Needle Rock Farms

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When you think of Colorado, you think of mountains, clear blue skies, skiing, hiking, camping, fly fishing and, since 2012, legal marijuana. Despite the easy jokes about high altitude stoners, legal weed and other products are important parts of the Colorado economy and culture. There’s also so much more to legal cannabis than getting high.

One great example is Needle Rock Farms in Crawford, CO. Needle Rock is a large scale grow operation, a premium organic CBD hemp company which grows and produces the finest organic CBD products for health and wellness. They specialize in high CBD – low THC strains, clones, oils, and raw botanical material. Products include balms, tinctures, tablets and even CBD oils for pets.

Colorado Yurts are part of Needle Rock Meditation Sanctuary + Retreat Center, which hosts retreats and events on the farm.  Earlier this year, Needle Rock Farm was gearing up for a big international meditation retreat in early May. Everyone on the ranch worked extra hard getting the decks and build site ready… and the yurts were pitched 5 days before the event! It all happened quickly and retreat participants were amazed at how much the yurts added to the meditation center! Day to day, the 30’ yurt is used for yoga, meditation and group gatherings, while the 16’ yurt is a lovely place for guests to sleep.

Julia Desmond, owner and founder of Needle Rock Farms is thrilled with the addition of the yurts. She says, “We LOVE our Colorado Yurts. Everybody likes the look and the feel of the yurts. Our decorations are Asian-Zen inspired – the perfect complement to our international meditation + CBD retreat center.”

She adds, “When we aren’t using our yurts for our retreats, they make a great family gathering place, especially for the holidays. We’re in the process of adding wood-burning stoves to extend their use through the winter months.”

Colorado Yurt Company worked with Needle Rock to select the appropriate options for their yurts, then our crew arrived on site to pitch them. Julia adds, “We chose Colorado Yurt Company because they are the best yurt company available. They came highly recommended and are local! Their staff is very knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way. From the first phone call to the final pitching details, Colorado Yurt Company was wonderful to work with.”

Needle Rock Farms is a leader in a growing industry, making quality products and offering an exceptional spiritual experience to their guests. We’re happy to be a part of this wonderful place, and look forward to their expansion plans in 2019 (more yurts!).

26 Sep 2018

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Tent Living for a Family of Six

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Watching the evening shadows move across the wall, listening to an owl in a nearby tree, smelling the rain outside the door. These are all experiences a family in the Pacific Northwest is enjoying while living full time in one of our Cimarron Tents.

Dan and Rachel purchased a small farmstead, with a house that needed serious help. They determined that the house would need a complete remodel, and would be uninhabitable while the work was being done. However, they needed to be on the farm to care for their livestock. That’s when they decided to try tent living.

They have four young children (8, 6, 4 & 2), and have always spent much time outdoors. Rachel says, “Tent living has brought us all closer to nature. This was surprising to us as we are already a very nature-connected family. Living in a house we didn’t realize how many owls live nearby and the subtle differences in their calls. We didn’t know how many coyote bands yip-howl at night, and at what time true dawn begins.”

The choice to live in a tent made sense for the family because it allowed them to save money during the remodel (instead of paying rent). They chose the largest tent we make, (16’x20’) with the upgraded Prostructure vinyl fly. They have mosquito net on the front and back of the tent to enjoy the breeze without inviting bugs inside. Inside the tent, they have a king bed, queen bed, twin bunk beds, 3 dressers, a full-sized table, a lounge chair, trunk, and the wood stove. They built an outdoor kitchen and shower next to the tent.

They chose our hand-crafted, high quality tent because, “We did a thorough review of tents available. Colorado Yurt Company’s tent seemed to be the best constructed. We are the type of consumers who buy the best because we want it to last a long time.” They were happy with the customer service they received, and are thrilled with the quality of the tent. “We like the color of the tent, the way light and shadows come through the walls and ceiling, and the closeness it offers us to nature, the coziness, affordability, and simple living. It heats up quickly as well.”

“It’s a really affordable and peaceful setup to not have power in the tent while right next door we have modern conveniences of power and hot water.”

The experience of living in the tent is something the family believes they will cherish long after their house is complete. “We know this is a unique living situation and believe it will have a positive and memorable impact on our young children.”

They are already thinking of the tent’s future (after the house is finished). “We plan to use the tent, kitchen and shower as either a farm-stay, vacation rental or potentially as an outdoor forest school.”

Follow their adventure on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radicallyholisticfarmlife/

23 Aug 2018

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Escalante Yurts

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A few years ago, Jan and Scott Roundy showed up at our shop in Montrose, Colorado. They had a plan. The Roundys have land in Escalante, Utah- and in 2015 they had a vision of a yurt glamping destination. The popularity of Grand Staircase National Monument was growing, and their property is perfectly located for vacationers to enjoy all of the sites and activities of Southwest Utah.

Scott was interested in the nuts and bolts (and rafters and lattice) of building the yurts and decks. Jan was interested in ideas for beautiful interiors. They were excited and ready to start their journey.

We worked with Jan and Scott through the planning, ordering and building of their yurts – helping to decide what mix of sizes would accommodate visitors from families to couples to groups of friends. We advised which options would be best for their desert climate and how to design the interiors for guest comfort.

Then, when it was time to pitch the yurts, we sent our best guy to Utah to help.

Jan says, “Colorado Yurt Company has been great! They have great service – they have supported us the whole way!”

Since opening in the spring of 2017, Jan and Scott have built a loyal and enthusiastic customer base. They are sold out most of the year- and their guests leave reviews like these:

My boyfriend and I stayed at Escalante Yurts for two nights towards the end of a cross-country road trip. It was by far the highlight of our trip. The management was outstanding and the yurts and amenities offered far surpassed our expectations. The weather was fairly hot but the AC units did a great job keeping the immaculately decorated yurts cool. If you are planning a trip to the Escalante area, I highly recommend this location. It is worth every penny.

Escalante Yurts was amazing. So, relaxing in the middle of nowhere. Stayed here after a day in Bryce on way to Capitol Reef. Wish we would have stayed a little longer. Owners were great and accommodating. Outside space to relax by fire or swing in hammock was much better than staying in normal hotels. We opened up the sides and enjoyed the night air. Would definitely stay again.

Escalante Yurts is in the process of expanding, adding two new yurts that will be ready for guests in March.

Customer reviews almost always mention Jan and Scott’s warmth and friendliness – which is something we saw the first time they stopped by. The Roundys are a great example having a dream and making it come true with hard work, research and careful planning. We’re just happy to be a part of it.

2 Mar 2018

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Brews & Yurts

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Yurts and beer. Seems like a perfect combination, doesn’t it? We have two great examples of breweries in our home state who have added a yurt with great success.

Outer Range Brewery in Frisco and Horsefly Brewery in Montrose found themselves with a similar dilemma. They had a popular summer seating area on a patio, but lost it as soon as cold weather started. Both pitched a yurt to solve their seasonal seating shortage.

Outer Range Brewing is a microbrewery that specializes in IPAs and Belgian ales. They opened in December, 2016, with the intent of pairing love for the mountain lifestyle with love of craft beer. Outer Range is in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, with 360-degree mountain views, and six ski resorts within a thirty-minute drive.

Outer Range Brewing yurt on a snowy winter evening

During the summer season, customers can sit on the patio and take in the views surrounding the brewery. In the winter, they can now sit inside the yurt. Emily Cleghorn (one of the owners of the brewery) says, “We wanted a space that could help us with additional seating, and that was authentic to what we love about mountain living.” They’ve hosted private events in the yurt, utilized the extra seating and they even brewed an IPA in the yurt’s honor (The Yurt Life IPA sold out).

Yurt Life IPA

Emily says, “We also chose a yurt because they are very structurally sound. We wanted something that we could put up year after year.” Why a Colorado Yurt? “You guys have been awesome to work with. Brad was proactive in helping us navigate town codes and made the entire process very smooth and enjoyable.” Emily says, “Customers love the yurt! Who doesn’t want to drink beer in a yurt while looking out at epic mountainscapes!”

On this side of the divide, Horsefly Brewing Company was established in 2009 in our hometown of Montrose. They have a full menu and a wide selection of beer on tap. Located in the heart of downtown, Horsefly is a popular restaurant, pub and hangout for locals and tourists.

Horsefly’s yurt on the patio

Winter on the Horsefly patio

Phil Freismuth, owner of Horsefly, says, “In the summer we utilize our outdoor patio to increase sales and provide a more relaxing environment for our customers. Then winter comes, and we lose that extra seating. What we like about the yurt is that it heats up quickly with our natural gas heater, and stays warm all day. When people walk into our yurt they are impressed. It adds approximately 20 more seats during the winter which helps with the bottom line. Many groups have used the yurt for business meetings and private parties because they can go inside, close the door and have privacy.”

Warm, inviting interior of Horsefly yurt

He adds, “Colorado Yurt was great to work with. They made the transaction really smooth. Cliff met with me and explained all the details of the yurt. He then showed up with the yurt and a crew and assembled it for us the first time.”

If you visit one of these brewery yurts this winter, be sure to drink one for the skilled crew that built the yurt- working hard in Montrose. (And send us a photo!)

29 Aug 2017

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: The Views RV Park and Campground

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Glamping is a mash-up word of “glamour” and “camping”. Start with the desire to experience the outdoors, add a comfortable bed and flush toilet- and you have glamping. Who can argue with that?

The Views RV Park and Campground in Dolores, Colorado, is in the heart of spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery and pristine desert beauty. Only 50 miles from Durango, 30 miles from Mesa Verde and right next to McPhee Reservoir- they are perfectly situated for adventure of all kinds. On the 42 acre property, Matt and Wendy provide 50 RV spaces, full bath house, free wi-fi and (new in 2017) Colorado Yurt Company’s Cimarron platform tents for glamping comfort and luxury.

They chose the spots and built the platforms for their two safari-style tents to take advantage of the scenery, sunsets and wildlife viewing on their property. The tents are on the edge of the property, but close to the facilities- the perfect combination of privacy and convenience. Their customers have responded with glowing reviews such as: “My husband booked a night in a glamping tent and it was amazing!!! The campground is very, very nice. Very peaceful place, very welcoming and by far better than any motel I have ever stayed in.”

Wendy says, “We wanted to add a unique experience to this area and to our park for people who want to enjoy “getting out” but don’t necessarily have an RV or their own equipment.  The feedback has been awesome!!!! Our youngest guest so far was 12 and the oldest was 89!  We’re looking forward to meeting more great folks!”

The Views crew had a memorable experience building and pitching the tents. It was a multi-generational process as the decks were built by Wendy’s dad, Matt and their son.  Friends and family all came together to pitch the tents, and everyone worked to get the tents furnished and open for guests.

“We chose Colorado Yurt Company first and foremost because of the attention to detail and knowledge of what it takes to build a quality project that will last for years.  We love the fact that they are a Colorado company. Any questions we have are answered the same day and the product has exceeded our expectations.  We’d love to have more tents soon!”

The fall season is a great time to check out The Views RV Park and Campground. Peak color for aspen leaves is usually the third or fourth week of September. Reserve now to get your home base set for a truly memorable southwest Colorado adventure.

3 Aug 2017

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Ayanchin Four Seasons Lodge in Mongolia

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Yurts in Mongolia? Well, of course. Yurts and Mongolia are synonymous. The nomadic people of central Asia have lived in gers (yurts) for centuries, and yurts are still used as housing in modern Mongolia. With their lattice walls, rafters and compression ring- the Mongolian ger is an architectural marvel- and the inspiration for and origination of the modern yurt.

At Colorado Yurt Company, we build a yurt that has updated fabrics, taller walls, high tech insulation, strong wooden structure and engineered strength. But, the basic structure harkens back to Mongolia and the genius design of the ger.

When the phone rang last December, we were thrilled, excited (and a little bit surprised) that the call was coming from Ayanchin Four Seasons Lodge in Mongolia. It was like a call from an old friend.

Ayanchin Four Seasons Lodge is a full service lodge in Terelj National Park about 50 minutes from the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar. They have a main lodge, cabins, traditional gers, hotel rooms and now- five new Colorado Yurts.

The resort is a family business, owned by Mandah Karlsen and managed by her brother Urnuh Gombosuren. Ayanchin Four Seasons Lodge was established in 2005 and is open all year round. Most visitors are Mongolian families, and they also see expats from around the world. In addition to lodging, they have kids’ play areas, an entertainment room, a full service restaurant, bike rentals, horseback riding, guided day trips and a conference center.

When they expanded their lodging options, they chose twenty foot diameter yurts from Colorado Yurt Company. Our designs are “like an upgraded ger”. Urnuh says, “With a Mongolian ger there are two columns in the middle, but with the Colorado Yurt there are no columns which makes it feel like there is more space. The Colorado Yurt is taller than the Mongolian ger, and is a strong structure.”

We’ve kept in touch with Mandah and Urnuh since we made their yurts. We sent updates when the yurts shipped from our shop in Colorado packed in a container. We tracked the yurts as they arrived at the port in China (with some paperwork going back and forth to clear customs). We heard when the yurts arrived on a truck (in the middle of the night) in Mongolia, and Urnuh has emailed through the construction process.

When photos of the new yurts appeared on the Ayanchin Four Seasons Lodge Facebook page, our entire company was thrilled to see the yurts in their new home.

Mandah says, “It’s been a great summer! We’ve built all Colorado Yurts at Ayanchin Lodge. They all look AWESOME! Thank you so much again for your great work!”

Our next project: figuring out how to visit the yurts in person!

28 Jun 2017

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Family Mountain Yurt Getaway

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Carey and Jeanette have high pressure jobs, and found the need for a place to get away to unwind and unplug. They and their kids love the outdoors- especially skiing and mountain biking, and they are raising their family to love and treasure the mountains and deserts around their home.

Yurt Under Orange Sky

The family found a pristine, remote 40 acre parcel surrounded by National Forest at 8500’ altitude in central Utah. The land is a ten mile snowmobile trek in winter, but they can drive in during the summer and fall months. When the roads are snowed in, it’s at least 10 miles to the nearest human.

Snow Covered Yurt 1

Jeanette once visited a yurt in Idaho, and the experience stayed with her. When she and Carey started planning for their mountain property in 2013, they immediately started researching yurts. One call to Colorado Yurt Company, and the plan was in place. They decided to place the order for a 20’ yurt for their weekend cabin.

Golden Aspen Leaves Yurt Yurt Hidden in Aspens

Since it was late summer when they got approval to put in the yurt, it was a race against time to get the deck built and the yurt pitched before winter hit. Carey worked through five snowstorms to make sure his family cabin was built before the roads were snowed in. They spent that fall working on the yurt; watching the aspens change color and listening to elk bugling.

Now, four years later, they are more convinced than ever that the mountain yurt was a good idea. Carey says, “Every time we go up I just think it’s the coolest place ever.” Jeanette says, “I love how cozy the yurt is. With the stove going- in the dead of winter- it’s warm and comfortable inside.”

Yurt Table and Stove Winter Yurt Interior

In the spring, their yurt is surrounded by high altitude wildflowers, and the fall color views are spectacular from their yurt deck. They both say they could live there full time if they didn’t have to go to work every day.

Wild Flowers Yurt Rainbow View from Yurt

After the first call, Carey and Jeanette were sold on Colorado Yurt Company. Our staff was helpful and friendly, and our experience with high altitude mountain conditions was important to them.

Bright Window Night Yurt

Carey has been a great social media friend over the years, posting photos and updates on Facebook and Instagram. We appreciate seeing their beautiful yurt, happy family and the updates on their property. This last winter, there were quite a few posts about the seemingly-endless snow shoveling duties! He says, “I’m surprised at how well the yurt holds snow. It takes about 3 hours to shovel the deck and clear the roof with 18″-24″ of snow. It’s good exercise.”

Snow Covered Yurt 2

2 May 2017

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Conscious Choices Lead to Simple Living

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Bailey lives in her 200 square foot/ 16’ Colorado Yurt in the woods of Minnesota. We posed a few questions to her about the yurt and lifestyle:

Why did you choose to live in a yurt?
I decided I wanted to live my life as simply as possible and constantly remind myself of the difference between a need and a want. Even living in the yurt, I still feel like I have more than any one person needs. I guess that is why I decided to look more into the tiny house movement. I wanted to have my own land as well. That is when a friend of mine told me about yurts and I did more research.

Tell us about you.
I am a social worker and love giving back to the community- especially youth. I am always challenging myself to see the world from a different perspective. I love to travel. After spending several months in Swaziland and a few other countries in Africa, I was encouraged to strive for simplicity and selflessness.

I live in my yurt in northern Minnesota with my pug, Mr.Finn. I love the woods of Northern MN. Nothing can beat a bonfire.

Why did you choose Colorado Yurt Company?
I did research about a few different companies but ultimately it came down to experiences with being prepared for the winter. Colorado Yurt Company staff and website provided the most information about making this work year round.

Colorado Yurt Company has been great to work with. I got through to someone on the phone with any questions. There were several frequently asked questions listed on the website with more details than I expected.

Tell us about the process.
Well the building process definitely took longer than I expected, but I think that is typical of all building projects. Luckily, I was living in a friend’s fish house until the yurt was completed. I bought land and started from scratch, new well, new road and constant research.

Building an outdoor shower house and not having indoor plumbing was a huge decision. I went a year without a shower, always traveling to friends home to clean up. That was definitely an adventure.

What do you like about living in a yurt full time?
Everything. I love the seclusion in the woods to unwind from all the stress of everyday life. I love how easy it is to heat with my pellet stove, and the low cost of being here. I like the chores that are unique to my yurt, for example carrying in water and having the reminder of those who walk miles a day for clean water. And I like the future possibilities. I don’t know what I want to do in the future yet, this could become a guest house, it could be moved to a different piece of land, or I could add another yurt to this one. I like going with the flow, and seeing what sustainable projects I can focus on next. I am thinking about a wood burning hot tub.

3 Dec 2015

Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Acadia Yurts

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Acadia National Park, on Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine, is one of our most spectacular National Parks. Visitors come to Acadia to hike granite peaks, bike historic carriage roads and enjoy the rugged coastal scenery. The park draws visitors from all over the world, who enjoy the beauty of the park as well as the charms of the town of Bar Harbor. Karen Roper and Aaron Sprague are world travelers who call the island their home.


After visiting a friend’s yurt, and spending time on a farm in Maui, they fell in love with yurts and nature-based hospitality. They both worked in the hospitality industry in and around Bar Harbor. They believed that the tourists who visit their home island would like to have a space closer to nature and more than 4 flat walls. (Their slogan is: “comfortably close to nature “). So was the beginning of Acadia Yurts


Aaron and Karen purchased a beautiful tree-filled five acres on the “quiet” side of the island in 2014. Working through the harsh Maine winter, they put together the platforms for their first yurts. Four 24’ Colorado Yurts (two blue, two red) arrived on site at the end of January, and they pitched them while bundled up in heavy winter clothes.

lagomkeps co.yurt.photo.jpg2

After adding small kitchens, bathrooms and beautiful furnishings to each yurt, they were ready for reservations and guests on June 6, 2015. It was the start of the tourist season.

52 champlain+hall (1)

And, what a season it was. The yurts were filled with happy guests 90% of the time, and Karen and Aaron had to turn away reservations on weekends. One guest said: “Amazing, wonderful, magical place!!! The yurts are simple yet elegant, every accommodation is accounted for. Relaxing and peaceful: I can’t wait to spend time there again!”


The overwhelming success of their first season has put Acadia Yurts in expansion mode. They ordered two more rental yurts from Colorado Yurt Company (green this time) and a 30’ yurt for Karen and Aaron to live in. In 2016 they’ll offer massage and yoga (Karen is a massage therapist), and they’ll surely continue to expand their circle of admirers.


Karen says, “We are sooo grateful to the folks at Colorado Yurt Company for their assistance every step of the way. They were accessible by phone when we were planning as well as when the yurts were being pitched.  They have also been supportive online via Facebook by sharing our promotions and posts.  We have been so fortunate to work with Colorado Yurt Company and highly recommend them to anyone inquiring!”

Acadia Yurts is a fun customer for us to work with. We follow their social media and website to keep in touch. We appreciate their wonderful photographs- showing great examples of how to design the interior of a yurt for comfort and convenience. We look forward to watching the continued success of this creative couple and their growing business.



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