Roof and Wall

Standard Yurt Roof and Valance

Colorado Yurts standard roof is constructed of Pro-Structure fabric, an industrial-strength material with thermally welded seams for consistent watertight integrity. The material is constructed of a vinyl laminate over a polyester substrate. A polyurethane topcoat provides excellent UV protection and cleans easily. You may choose gray, tan or white for your yurt roof color.

  • Pro-Structure specs: 19.5 oz. per square yard, 340 lbs. x 300 lbs. tensile strength

The yurt valance, a foot-wide band attached to the bottom edge of the yurt roof, covers the exclusive Colorado Yurt wall to roof lacing system for a watertight seal. It is constructed of either ProTech material or Duro-Last to equal the strength of your Duro-Last roof.

Yurt Wall

All of our yurts come with a 7’2” wall height. This creates a spacious interior inside the yurt, allowing for a loft in most yurts. It also allows for more creativity with interior design, having the height to place furniture and shelves around the perimeter of the yurt.

You have a choice of three fabrics in twenty-eight different colors for your standard Colorado Yurt wall. Our customers often say that choosing from the wide array of yurt wall colors and fabrics is their toughest decision!

  • ProTech – A three layer, vinyl laminate that can be repaired on site with a brush-on glue. It has the longest life of the yurt wall fabrics and is the easiest to clean. (15 oz. per square yard, 220 lbs. x 220 lbs. tensile strength, thermally welded construction)
  • Pro-Star - 100% polyester with a washable acrylic coating. It has a more natural feel than ProTech and a longer life than TuffStar. (9.5 oz. per square yard, 340 lbs. x 320 lbs tensile strength, sewn construction)
  • Tuff-Star – A cotton/polyester blend with an acrylic topcoat. It has the most natural feel and look of all the yurt wall fabric choices. (15 oz. per square yard, 283 lbs. x 214 lbs. tensile strength, sewn construction)

Need Components for your yurt?

We are happy to make a new roof, wall, insulation, dome or other components for your existing yurt- whether it’s a Colorado Yurt or not! Pricing can be found here.

Caring for your Colorado Yurt Fabric Wall

We’ve created an online tool that allows you to color your yurt in over 270 combinations. Click here to color your yurt!

Upgrade your roof and wall or add insulation


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