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Yurt Interiors

Luxurious, simple or somewhere in between. Spaciously open or sectioned off for privacy. Your yurt interior is a reflection of your own tastes and style. To partion off a section, perhaps for a bathroom, simply build walls with 2″x4″ studs much like you would in a traditional home. Or get creative with artistic screening. To keep the openness build a connecting bath house/laundry room. Build a bedroom loft in a larger yurt. The kitchen is another area to let your creativity shine. If simplicity is your goal, a sink, a camp stove and a cutting surface is all you need. If your tastes are a little more elaborate, custom cabinets might be a great touch. Let your imagination roll and give us a call. Our customers have come up with many inspired ideas and we’d love to share some of them will you!


Call us: 800-288-3190