Engineering and Materials

Come On Mother Nature. Do Your Worst.

One of the major Colorado Yurt Company differences is our commitment to engineering. Our construction and design have been tested and certified by an outside engineering firm so you can be confident your yurt will withstand heavy snows and strong winds.

Wood – the yurt frame is clear, vertical grain Douglas fir with machine stress rated (msr) rafters and lattice walls sanded to exact specifications for the perfect fit and elimination of fabric-to-wood friction points. Finished with a protective stain and sealer.

Fabrics – with two types of yurt roof fabrics and three wall fabric types, as well as 35 mix-and-match color options, you can choose a combination that will blend with your environment or boldly stand out from the crowd! Request fabric samples.

Hardware – every bolt, nut, washer, plate, and mount is selected to meet exacting specifications and the appropriate application – stainless, galvanized or powder coated – to ensure your yurt will stand the test of time.

Engineering – we work with structural engineers to develop the strongest yurts in the business. That’s why ski resorts from around the US depend on yurts from the Colorado Yurt Company. Here is some useful data on our snow and wind packages:

YURT DIAMETER 16′ 20′ 24′ 27′ 30′
Yurt with CORR Brackets and 2″x4″ Rafters 88 psf 49 psf 33 psf 19 psf 15 psf
Deep Powder Package with CORR Brackets and 2″x6″ Rafters 92 psf 70 psf 54 psf 44 psf 36 psf
Full Snow and Wind Package with CORR Brackets, 2″x6″ Rafters and 2″x4″ Studs at every rafter end 121 psf 98 psf 79 psf 59 psf 50 psf

*Engineering data is for reference only. Based on the assumption that the snow is loaded evenly across the roof. Combined and eccentric loads are not considered in this chart, but are taken into account on our Winter Stout Alpine Yurt data. Structural analysis is in accordance with the 1997 Edition of the Uniform Building Code and the 2006 International Building Code. Please call 800.288.3190 for more information.


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