Custom Windows and Doors

Colorado Yurt Window Upgrades

Additional Windows – all Colorado Yurts come with three standard windows as part of the basic price. Depending on the size of your yurt you can add many more windows — up to twelve total on a 30’ yurt. You may request Taller Wall windows for a specific location on a Standard Height Yurt or vice versa.

Fully Operable Windows – many of our customers tell us they’d like to be able to open their windows from inside their yurt. So we designed a window which opens just like a window in a traditional home. Now, instead of going outside to unzip a window flap, simply crank the window open. This is especially useful if your yurt is not on an extended deck with room for walking along the outside. Big enough to meet code requirements for egress, our fully-operable 2’-3” x 3’-3” Douglas Fir Casement Window by Sierra Pacific™ features furniture-quality, floor-to-ceiling, clear low-E glass. If you already own a Colorado Yurt the window can be retrofitted into your yurt wall, or talk to our team about designing an operable wooden window into your new yurt.

Roll-Up Wall – an eight-foot wide, floor-to-ceiling section of screening provides the ultimate in ventilation and panoramic views. Exterior fabric cover unzips along the sides and rolls up with a pulley system, with ballast bar at the bottom. On yurts with insulated walls an insulation panel is provided. Remove the panel in the warmer months and reinstall it when the weather turns cold. Clear vinyl window covers for Roll-up Walls are available but must be special ordered.

Window Awning - convert any window flap into an awning. Steel poles with marine hardware allow your window flap to become a fully adjustable awning. You can also convert your window flaps to awnings by providing your own poles and guys ropes.

Colorado Yurt Door Upgrades

Additional Doors – add up to three additional standard doors for a total of four.

French Doors – 42″ wide double doors with a full window in each side. French doors are crafted with the same quality joinery and materials as our standard doors. Upgrade any standard door to a French door when you place your order.

Entrance Awning – add an inviting Entrance Awning to protect your entryway from inclement weather. Made from ProTech to match your valance color, the Entrance Awning is supported by a steel framework and attaches to the doorjamb with hinged brackets. The awning fabric zips to the rain cricket, so it can be removed. Or roll it up and store it under the rain cricket with provided straps.

Screen Doors – handsome, heavy duty screen doors crafted from Douglas fir. Available with both standard and French doors includes solid brass adjustable spring-loaded hinges.

Screen Curtains – tent-style screen closure that attaches to the doorjamb and zips down the middle.

Handicap Access – levered doorknobs, grab bars, and tread-plate door thresholds are among the items available to create a barrier-free yurt. Individuals and organizations with handicap access needs should contact our design staff to discuss their specific requirements.


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