Tipis, Tepees, Teepees.

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No Matter How You Spell It, There Is Nothing Like an Earthworks Tipi/Tepee/Teepee

To the Native American of the Great Plains, a tipi meant one thing…home.
In fact, tipi is the Lakota word for “living in.” Today a tipi can be many things. Temporary or permanent, traditional or modern. You can transport and pitch a small tipi at a campground, reenactment or rendezvous for the weekend. Place a tipi on an elaborate deck and add all the amenities of the finest resorts. Kids love backyard tipis. And just as the Native Americans did, some of our customers live in their tipi full time and enjoy a closeness to the rhythms of nature that is difficult to find in our modern world. However you spell it or use it, it’s tough to beat the original design of such a perfect structure.

Tipi Value Package and Components

We combined our beautiful handmade tipis with accessories and priced them with a built-in discount for a great value. Package pricing begins with our Basic Tipi Cover Package, which includes a door flap, wood stakes, lacing pins and all necessary ropes—all bundled together in a canvas storage bag. Choose from 9 sizes in 3 quality fabrics.

  • Add poles and a liner to your Basic Package. Liner packages are available in 6’ and 9’ sizes and 2 fabrics.
  • For ultimate comfort add a floor cover and an ozan. Ozans are available in 2 styles: traditional and extended.

Each additional package item has a built-in discount.

Tipi Sizes

We make a number of different size tipis, from 12′ to 28′ diameters. Here’s a list of our tipi sizes as well as the number of poles and pole length:

  • 12′ tipi – 14 poles, 16′ long
  • 14′ tipi – 17 poles, 16′ long
  • 16′ tipi – 17 poles, 20′ long
  • 18′ tipi – 17 poles, 24′ long
  • 20′ tipi – 17 poles, 27′ long
  • 22′ tipi – 17 poles, 30′ long
  • 24′ tipi – 17 poles, 32′ long
  • 26′ tipi – 20 poles, 32′ long
  • 28′ tipi – 20 poles, 36′ long

Caring for your Earthworks Tipi

Pitching your Earthworks Tipi


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