Outfitter Tent

Cimarron Outfitter’s Basic Wall Tent

There’s nothing quite like our Outfitter’s Tent. Easy to set up, quick to tear down, and just about as comfortable a dwelling you can find for the great outdoors. Hunter, camper, or anyone looking for a durable shelter, the Outfitter Tent is a great option. For something more permanent, visit our Platform Tent page.

Outfitter Tent Information

Dimensions – tents are available in 5 sizes: 8’x10′, 10’x12′, 12’x14′, 14’x17′ and 17’x20′

  • Side wall height: 5 feet
  • Ridge height: 8 feet

Fabric choices - 15 ounce TuffStar or 13 ounce Sunforger

Comes with pitching accessories – stakes, guy ropes, tighteners and storage bag.

Reinforced at stress points – 8″ wide chafing strip with hidden vinyl reinforcing at ridge, two-ply reinforcing with concealed vinyl at corners, 2″ webbing at eaves, spur grommets at guy rope attachment points, 2″ webbing around hem with butterly stiched nylon web stake loops.

Other great features – storm door flaps with 12″ overlap, covered ridge pole outlets, tie-backs and door-ties of heavy weight 36″ long cotton webbing, ties to attach to framework, additional ties for add-on screen door.

Cimarron Outfitter’s Deluxe Wall Tent

The Deluxe Package includes all of the above items plus these additional features.

Sod cloth – a 12″ wide vinyl piece sewn into the hem of the tent extends the walls onto the ground toward the inside of the tent sealing out drafts and moisture.

Triangular backwall window – 45″ wide and 21″ tall with sewn in mosquito netting and interior zippered flap.

Stove pipe outlet – silicon impregnated fiberglass outlet with flame retardant canvas flap and rain cricket diverter (6″ oval roof mount is standard. Wall mount and other sizes are available on request).

Cimarron Outfitter Tent Pricing


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