Tents–It’s Hip to be Square

Cimarron Wall Tents Make a Great Getaway

Cimarron tents conjure images of Hemingway writing his first novel, of hunters returning from a long day in the woods, of the natural world surrounding four canvas walls. In short, Cimmaron tents are more than a tent–they are a lifestyle–a dwelling for the soul.

Designed to withstand the toughest elements, handcrafted with the finest materials, and for less than $10 per square foot, our tents provides comfort, protection, ease of use, and peace of mind.

The Cimarron Platform Tent is often used by camps, B&Bs, or folks just wanting to add an outdoor room to their landscape. It is pitched on a deck-like platform built by the tent owner. The classic Outfitter’s Wall Tent is perfect for hunters and campers, and is available as a custom-built item. It’s rugged, quick to set up and is pitched on the ground. Need something bigger for commercial use? Give us a call at 800.288.3190 and we’ll help you design the perfect structure.

Platform Tent Price List

Tent Fabric Choices

TuffStar (15oz/sq yd) is our premier fabric. It’s a tightly woven 45/55 poly/cotton army duck that is flame retardant and has a durable acrylic coating that resists water, soil, mildew and UV. TuffStar is ideal for prolonged exposure to the elements. Color: off-white (other colors available on request).

Sunforger (13 oz/sq yd) is a high-grade, tightly woven 100% cotton army duck that is preshrunk and marine treated. The marine finish makes it water repellent, and resistant to UV and mildew degradation. It is available with an additional flame retardant treatment or without. Color: natural cream.


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