More Tents to Haiti! Wanna Help?


When the earthquake hit Haiti we, like much of the world, wondered what we could do. It was a relief when we found a small way to help by donating tents made in our shop. After I wrote about the experience of sending five tents down with a group of doctors, I was amazed to find that you too wanted to help in our efforts.

We finally found a way to get more tents to Haiti efficiently and to make your donations tax-deductible. We’ve partnered with an organization called Fireside International. They were operating in Haiti before the earthquake and have a wide network of friends down there.

As the quake gets further away, aid into Haiti is dropping off but need is actually increacing.  Haiti is a mere two weeks away from its rainy season.  This means not only that over a million newly displaced Haitians will be exposed to the elements but also that they will face increased risk of contracting disease.  You don’t need me to tell you how bad it is down there.


What we’re doing is modest but, we think, worth it.  Your donation will buy something real (a tent) and a family will have a place to stay for as long as they need.  The tents are about 7ft by 7ft by 7ft tall at the highest point.  They are made with care and constructed from high quality, waterproof materials. 

We are paying our employees their normal wages so your donation also goes to support local, USA business.

Thank you for your help,

Sam Kigar

[email protected]

(970) 240-2111


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