Customer Reviews: Yurt, Tipi and Tent customers… we heard you.

We like to get a report card. Every so often, we ask our customers to tell us how we are doing

This spring, we asked. And, many people took the time to tell us. In fact, that was the first thing about our customer satisfaction survey that made us happy. Our customers returned the survey at almost 20%. (Industry average for a non-rewarded survey is 2%-5%).

Next, we were thrilled to see our overall satisfaction rate. Believe it or not, 97% of our customers said they are satisfied or very satisfied with Colorado Yurt Company. That is higher than Apple or Toyota.

We rated very high on things such as product quality, customer service, knowledge of salespeople and company reputation. Nine out of ten said they’d recommend us to a friend or colleague, and over 30% have already done so.

Here are some quotes from customers:

“We love the light that permeates the canvas at sunrise. It is the most peaceful place to sleep and wake up. It is warm/cool as needed and is the perfect hangout.”

“I love the 30′ yurt for space as I live in it as a primary home. I love the layout of my yurt and the comfort of its shape. I also love the fact that it feels alive and is quite cozy.”


“My favorite part is the roll-up walls, the height of the tent and the height of the walls…”

A few other things we learned:

We redesigned our website last year, and that looks like it was a good investment. The majority of our customers hear about us from the internet, while the next-most-common way to find us is on the advice of a friend.

A few minor issues were brought up in the survey results, and they will be addressed. We’ll personally follow up with customers who had specific issues. And, we’ll take all suggestions into consideration. Customers have been very generous in their praise and with suggestions for improvement. If you have suggestions for us, or would like to give us praise or criticism- we welcome your input. (

The most important message from the survey: Our customers really value having a friendly voice on the phone and appreciate that each tipi, tent and yurt is made by hand.

As we grow, we will always stand by that personal touch.

Dan & Emma: owners of Colorado Yurt Company

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