Becky is Retiring from Colorado Yurt Company!

We aren’t sure what we’ll do without her. Our long time office manager, Becky Meinhold, is retiring.

Our office manager: Becky Meinhold

Becky, being the organized and efficient person that she is, started with Colorado Yurt Company on May 10, 1999 and will retire on May 11, 2012—thirteen years and a day later. We figure the extra day is just to make sure there are no loose ends, typical of the thorough job Becky has always done.

Being office manager is a big job: as chief purchasing agent Becky kept track of the comings and goings of all the fabric, wood and other materials we need to build our tipis, tents and yurts. But, we have a lot of overlap in job responsibilities here at Colorado Yurt. Becky does sales, payroll, human resource management and customer service- as well as watering the plants, taking the cans to be recycled, getting the flower pots planted and leading the morning exercises.

Becky organized us to adopt a street.

She’s our Quickbooks expert, knows when to pay the utilities and knows how many tipi poles are in the rack out back. She organized the holiday party every year, an event where we relax and enjoy knowing Becky thought of every detail.

Becky seems to know everything around here- product specs, customer history, employee days off… plus who supplies our rope and webbing, who delivers the best pizza and where to get bio-diesel for our trucks. We’ll all have to pool our knowledge to know as much as Becky about how this place operates.

Colorado Yurt Company will not be the same.

Becky’s family has become the Yurt company family in many ways. When they lived in Montrose, her grandsons would visit and play ball in the office hall or push the Batman car across the carpet. Her husband has fixed many things in the shop, from lights to electrical outlets and is always up for a round of golf with Cliff or Dan. For many years, Becky gave a ride to work to our favorite co-worker, Arlo the Golden Retriever. When Arlo passed away last summer, we all lost a good friend.

We all loved Becky's dog, Arlo.

If you’ve ever talked to Becky on the phone, you got the right answers delivered in her no nonsense manner. So, if you are one of Becky’s fans- be sure to call or send a note before she leaves May 11.

Becky and her husband, Al, will be taking some time this summer to enjoy their cabin in upstate New York. After that, she’s planning to enjoy her grandkids and her garden (which is amazing), continue to exercise, entertain and relax. Thanks Becky!

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